Philosophy Nite

We are the largest group of vitalistically focused subluxation centered chiropractors alive in Massachusetts!

“PHILOSOPHY NITES” are monthly gatherings held on the 2nd Saturday of every month.  Programs begin at 6:00 pm  with food and fellowship!  Following that is our monthly “Mentor Program” – Practical Applications of Philosophy in Practice.  Local chiropractors will speak in an informal setting to a group about marketing, first visits, patient education, staff training, fee systems, etc.

Join us Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Dr. Kevin Pallis

 “The Modern Standard of Practice in Chiropractic” 

Join Dr. Kevin of The New Renaissance for an evening of science, art, philosophy, fellowship, and insight into the way you currently practice. Many DCs are currently practicing an outdated model of Chiropractic (Oldsmobile) that puts an emphasis on adult pain relief. The gold standard is symptoms for this model.  With today’s upgraded model of health (Tesla), the emphasis is on removing interference to the nerve system of all family members and being able to communicate this easily and effectively for increased clinical results. Without the scientific foundation and the ability to see patients for more than a handful of visits, you will be relegated to using an outdated model of practice. Of particular note, there are more children with chronic and acute illness now than at any time in history. The opportunity is here, will you be ready to answer that call?


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