Philosophy Nite

We are the largest group of vitalistically focused subluxation centered chiropractors alive in Massachusetts!

“PHILOSOPHY NITES” are monthly gatherings held on the 2nd Saturday of every month.  Programs begin at 6:00 pm  with food and fellowship!  Following that is our monthly “Mentor Program” – Practical Applications of Philosophy in Practice.  Local chiropractors will speak in an informal setting to a group about marketing, first visits, patient education, staff training, fee systems, etc.

Join us Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Dr. Autumn Gore

The Essence of Innate Centered Practice

This course offers the opportunity to step into your own power of finding personal clarity when focusing on development of contradiction free communication. Dr. Autumn has created a truly Innate centered practice that is centered around waking people to their own Innate power to heal, grow and thrive.  As a public speaker and mentor for Chiropractors and students; focusing on personal development that leads to practice development.  It is my purpose to be the catalyst that ignites audiences to find and be led by the strength of their inner voice. 

Call 781-255-1717 to reserve a spot or for directions.  

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