Our Members

Thank you to ALL of our visionary members!

Our visionary members pay a yearly fee to support the mission of MACP and receive automatic entry to each of our programs for the doctors, as well as their spouses and staff.


Dr. Kevin Baer
Dr. Bill Byrnes
Dr. Sean Carey
Dr. Dennis Cicone
Drs. Dan and Kris Denette
Drs. Joel and Kristen Favreau

Dr. Steve & Camilla Franson
Dr. Scott Garber
Dr. Casey Gauthier
Dr. Patti Giuliano

Dr. Kerry Goyette

Dr. Amy Haas
Dr. Chris Hauck
Dr. Evan Hughes
Drs. Pam and Steve Jarboe
Dr. Peter Kevorkian
Dr. Seth Levine
Dr. Lisa Lewis
Dr. Morgan McBean
Dr. Karen Moriarty

Dr. Tim Murzycki
Drs. Andy & Kandyce Mutter
Dr. Jim Peck and Christine Peck

Dr.Marty Rosen
Drs. Jean-Marc and Linda Slak

Dr. Sharon Wilson

Thank-you all for your support!

Your participation helps to keep our organization alive and allows us to keep bringing in top speakers from around the world.

If you would like to add your name to this wonderful list, please Contact Us and let us know!